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Thursday April 23rd, 2009 | categories: Uncategorized

ok, it happened- and it’s official, spring is here, even though (i know) i though it would never happen. And just like everyother year, it snuck in and surprised me. on sunday i walked to work without a jacket on! i felt naked and exposed, but smaller, less bulky, and free!! Working in the kitchen also feels different- though we have been using local foods all year long- there is something amazing and special about the wild foods of vermont that come in freshly picked- it was especially cool to open the bags of wild day Lillies, sunchoke roots, and wild leeks, as well as open up our reserve of dried powdered wild mushrooms and put together plates that were full of all kinds of shapes, colors, and textures that fully embody spring in vermont. Thanks to Dave K. (our personal wild crafter) the restaurant has been abuzz with awe and intrigue and conversations have been enlightening- dave spends quite a few mornings at kismet in the dining room eating and connecting with folks, and it is exciting to see his business take off as local folks request his services to help teach them foraging skills for their homes and land.
On the other side of things- spring also is a big healing and purging time, and kismet and the families of kismet of been riddled with our own quakes and shifts- we did close the restaurant yesterday because my children were sick and there was no-one well enough or available to cook– wow! talk about micro business! we were only open for an hour! today i am running back and forth from my home to the restaurant to take care of things, train our new cook genevieve, and try to maintain things on both fronts- stefi’s back is out, alexis has college finals, and saragrace is still recovering from her cold– alanna hasnt been sleeping well, and the rest of our staff has had to cover and care for us! YIKES! but, thankfully, montpelier is a fun and comforting place to live and do business and i am so thankful for everyone’s support– while other businesses note slow business, i am happy to report that ours has doubled since last year, and we are stronger than ever!
Thanks so much—
and I know, I know– you want info about our move– i will know soon–!!

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