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Tuesday March 24th, 2009 | categories: Kismet, kismet montpelier, red hen, skinny pancake, vermont food

thinking about how things have been-

the sap flowing like mad–flooding- then stopping and standing at a STAND STILL– that’s kind of like how i feel–
man, i felt it all in February– it was overwhelming, it was all flowing freely–then slowed down… but now and now in mid march, i am feeling it again.
you may have heard about the “skinny on the skinny” post– it was all pretty bizarre and unusual, and it set off all sort of reactions– one of which was my choice to remove the post from this blog–
while i hoped that folks would read it and be inspired by both benjy’s and my generosity (in sharing our process-s), what actually happened was an overwhelming amount of feedback that has been very distracting-
for the last time (i hope), i will say again that kismet is not worried about competition– our (sp and kismet) conversations previously posted was about getting to know each other… that’s it….
and now that time has passed, and time does what it does (allows us to evolve), we all are able to settle in to what is what..
what is what?
love is in the air….
love me and i love you back
loving redhen ham and cheese croissants, loving so many things–
more later
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Love Kismet