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Saturday January 9th, 2010 | categories: Kismet, organic cafe, vermont brunch

it was while searing some tofu that i realized how much my life has changed since my vegan days, traveling and making seitan in the bathtub.. things are much more complicated and different now.. I used to leave Vermont every winter for warmer places- New Zealand, Australia, Arizona, California, Mexico— but since kismet i have stayed put. This is my fourth winter here, in this room we call a restaurant, and doing much the same as i have been doing for the last 3+ years.. As I have been writing about, I went through most of last year working towards big and great changes- i have been working on lots of plans to move kismet, make it bigger, get more organized and bring forth all of the ideas i have been working on since we began here. I came in to this year with loan approval, and peace of mind that it would all happen..
today as i sear tofu at nearly 11 at night, nostalgic of my earlier twenties, all-nighters, and bathtub seitan, I realize that I am kind of stuck and still waiting in limbo.. don’t worry- it seems that kismet is not going anywhere (at least not tonight), and that there is this whole new business plan to write, and lease to negotiate, and landlord to bargain with.. and yet, I am oddly inspired and excited in a whole new kind of way. On the surface, everything seems and looks the same- and just behind that, there is this package waiting to be opened.

thank you for your support-
and by the way– everything is really yummy…

favorites to have with my seared tofu:
Vermont Herb and Salad Company baby greens!!! YIPPEE!! live living local greens!

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