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april showers

Monday April 2nd, 2007 | categories: Uncategorized

Last week we celebrated the completion of our third month! Although each day is still so new and sometimes scary, I think that I am beginning to acclimate to things. This last weekend, for example, though Alanna was sick, mariam, alexis and sarah grace helped to successfully serve a full house for two days straight and it was FUN!!! HOORAYYYYYY!! And as the spring rains have begun to flow, fears of the montpelier flood have passed, and greenhouses around the state are buzzing with the excitement and energy of little seedlings, we at Kismet are nurturing ideas of our new spring menu and our take-out dinner services. At last the winter seems likeley to pass, and inspiration is popping up all over. Couples from around the state have begun contacting us for information about catering their summer weddings, so summer menus and talks about outdoor feasts have been a daily excersize. The whole town of montpelier actually seems alive with hope and plans for summer and food producers from around the state are visiting us with promises of fresh and flavorful offerings comming this summer. Timing couldnt be better, really. Our menu has been the same since we opened in January when there were few local ingredients available, though simple enough, customers have been looking for a little more, and we want to give it to them (you). We’ve been working on a new menu that (in addition to what we have now) will offer sandwiches made on custom made hoagie rolls, and burgers made on buns, both breads are being offered by patchwork farm and bakery out of Hardwick. We have been experimanting with philly cheese steaks, burgers, and hot subs that we can serve with vermont made chips. Soon pete’s greens will aso be delivering vermont’s freshest and most flavorful salad greens, so finally we can offer a Kismet salad! Wild leeks are just waiting to burst through the forest soil, and we are ready to make leek confit, frizzled leeks, and leek jam- all of which we plan on using in our new take-out dinner menu (comming soon!!). Like the new extended day-light hours, we will soon be able to offer extended business hours, serving take-out dinner, grain and vegetable bowls, soba noodle bowls, soup, treats, truffles, and dandelion lattes until 7 pm wednesday through friday! Horay for spring, and horray for transiton!

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