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early spring

Friday March 1st, 2013 | categories: Uncategorized
you can laugh at me if you want to
tease me
and tell me that spring is still months away
i know that I’m right.
i can feel it
the snow is wetter, and underneath
the crusty soil, deep in the ground
the roots are drinking 
and behind the dark, hardened bark
the sap is flowing.
the roots are getting sweet
the limbs are getting supple
and the light is getting longer.
so maybe the tulips arent shooting out of the ground
that’s ok with me– 
i like to know that the bees are awake
revived and ready when that happens.
but soon
I can taste it,
I promise
early spring menu:
smallish plates:
regional oysters 
Raw  or  Rockefeller 
poached chicken liver compound butter 8
sparkling pinot noir jelly
mock calamari 8
fried oyster mushrooms & house remoulade.
baked caprese 9
red wine, basil,  mapplebrook mozzarella 
carpaccio 14
capers, pickled onion, horseradish, lemon, olive oil & herbs . choice of beef or vegetarian
 house charcuterie & cheese 9
duck speck, fresh ricotta, thyme honey & fig jam
mussels 7
jacob’s cattle beans, garlic, white wine, parsley
portuguese fish cake 8
potato & poached hake, drizzle hollandaise, micro greens 
fried goat cheese & roasted beats 8

french lentils, watercress, vinaigrette 

kale caesar 7

garlic croutons  

mixed organic greens 9
* chevre *feta *blue cheese  3
*bacon  3  *chicken  4  *smoked fish  4
moroccan carrot soup 6
 pistou garnish

larger plates

en cotte 
regional assortment of fresh & house smoked seafood 
(or vegetarian) baked in white wine & saffron cream, 
with tomato, capers, potato & scallions
poached scallops
black lentils, pinot gris, watercress
brined & roasted quail
riesling stuffing, glazed carrots & parsnips
dog river spinach malfatti
spinach dumplings,  alpine cheese 
poached egg $2.50
grain & vegetable platter 
choice of grilled chicken, tofu or tempeh.
roast lamb roulade
boiled potato salad, fresh mint, sea salt
crusted pork chop
  honey polenta, maple drizzle. glazed peas.
brisket style smoked fillet
pot roasted cabbage & carrots, ripasso drippings & puff pastry
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