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easter snow

Thursday April 5th, 2007 | categories: Uncategorized

I have a vivid memory of an easter when I was 8 or 9. I lived in East Corinth, Vermont and had a very happy childhood playing outside often with my sister, Raven. We were fooling around on an easter sunday, it was warm and sunny, and I remember that I was wearing shorts..I remember that she shoved me and I fell into a snowbank..That’s Vermont I guess!
It has been snowing now fro two days and easter is this sunday. Alanna and I have taken turns being sick over the last month, so although we had once entertained all sorts of grand easter plans for Kismet, this year it seems like a big deal to even announce an Easter Menu. Inspired by the hopeful (hopefully coming soon) colors of spring, we will hae bright green fresh asparagus cooked all sorts of ways with the freshest local and organic eggs. We still have vermont potatoes and we will be roasting them with bright and cheery carrots and beets from cate farm. We have a big list af fantastic crepes too- ones with ham and holendaise, and a specail braised chicken crepe with chevre, pea sprouts, and a lemony cream. La Strada delivers fresh whole wheat crossiants this weekend too- so we will be serving my favorite parisian breakfast (hot chocolate and crossiants), as well as a special benedict. I’ve been making chocolates too and we’ll have awhole array of spring inspired truffles (rose, lavender, and vanilla tangerine to name a few) ready to be boxed up and passed along. I have to admit, though having all of these gorgeous foods around me is uplifting- it’s still hard to believe that it’s mid-way through april already with inches (and a foot in some places) of snow… Thank goodness for dandelion root all warm and rootsy like caramelized summer goodness in a cup of tea to keep me grounded and flowing. Oh–and chocolate ofcourse-

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