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in search of the mighty frog

Monday February 26th, 2007 | categories: Uncategorized

I knew it was going to happen eventually, I just wasn’t really prepared.. A few moments ago I read our first negative review…. I read the three lines over and over again, trying to put it all together. The sad thing is, the review sounded true.
The writer calls himself the mightyfrog, and I long to know who he/she is.. Most of the customers who come in are overwhelmingly supportive; big smiles and lots of praises, but occasionally I wonder just how honest some are especially when I know that something is amiss with the cook that day… Really, I just wish that people would tell us when they don’t like their food. The other day, for example, a customer remarked that his food wasn’t hot enough. I know now to pay closer attention to the temperature, and am thankful for his help in getting it right. This weekend a customer said that her roots were too dry; no problem, I swept them away and we made new ones, and tossed the whole pot that were of complaint.
I know that not every person is going to tell me exactly what I could do differently to make their meal more enjoyable (and I’m thankful for that), and, at the same time, it is hard to here criticisms second hand. Perhaps one of my biggest fears is finding out about my mistakes while standing in the check-out line at the co-op and overhearing someone talking bad about me or kismet..Or, like this weekend when I overheard a gentleman at a table say he would never come back again!!! Why???I wanted to know right away, and fix whatever was making him unhappy, and yet I had to let it go, he wasn’t actually talking to me but to his friend at the table…
I thought if I wrote about this in this blog, I would feel better about the mightyfrog’s unhappiness and negative (honest) review. I need for kismet to work. I need to know what our weaknesses are so that we can make it. I guess reading the reviews is one way, but the mightyfrog may never let me make it up to him, and in the meantime how many people will he influence from ever coming in?
well, that’s the business I guess
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