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Saturday April 21st, 2012 | categories: Uncategorized
from time to time, someone will give me insight from the perspective of a kismet diner (something i rarely ever get to be, considering i spend open hours in the kitchen).  Last week, while discussing our menu and specials being offered for the week, Melissa (our saturday host and our newest member), commented that she wished that the kismet menu offered more appetizer or “snacky things”.  It’s true that we have a very limited selection of apps, and all of them have been on the menu for at least a year now.  
“Hmm, ok,” i thought, that’s a good point.  I also like to order apps when i go out to eat, and sometimes will go to several places in one night just to sample appetizers (one of my favorite ways to dine while on vacation).  Recently, on my trip to new orleans, I think I mentioned that jay and I went to 6 or seven restaurants one day, ordering snacks and sampling wine menus- it was really fun! And just last month, several of us from kismet when to burlington to celebrate a birthday and went app hopping with a group of 8! We were psyched to get to sample different little bites, and also thankful for the places that could accommodate us (we are a very flexible group & can squeeze 8 into a table for 4 if that’s what was needed! & we LOVE going out and leaving BIG TIPS for our hosts!!)
tonight, in honor of melissa’s request, we have 3 app specials, inspired by MY favorite meaty things (veg specials featured next week!!):
moses & miguel’s flounder ceviche 
with toasted spices & grapefruit
moses & miguel made this today while talking about their girlfriends, sports & books they like to read.  moses will be 13 this year, and has really been attached to miguel who will be 17 this year.  Though this is not the first time they have made ceviche, this is the first time they made it together= i think it tastes better today for some reason.. (and i’m a sap that just loves teamwork)

with capers, our own horseradish, fennel & pickled red onion
i think that carpaccio is one of the sexiest, luscious, delicious ways to eat good cuts of beef.  one day, while playing with some leftover end cuts of fillet, i made a plate of carpaccio for my 7 year old son fela.  he was heard from all of the restaurant yumming & wowing while he devoured it using knife & fork like a prince.  Since then, he has declared this his favorite “salad” and asks me to make it nearly everytime he comes to the restaurant.  I agree, it is pretty darn good.
lamb meat balls (g.f.) with white bean ragout & ramp pistou
something you may not know about me is that i LOVE meatballs.  My love for meatballs is truly an adult revolation.  When i was a kid, i was much more of an eggplant parm kinda girl over meatballs (unlike my sister who was seldom more pleased by anything other than a meatball).  In my early adulthood, i spent my naughty vegan fantasies on brownie sundays and anchovies, but in the last  years, since identifying my own “comfort foods” I’ve come to accept and appreciate my honest & pure love for a good meat ball…. here’s one recipe that i love- it’s inspired by minestrone soup, but served as an appetizer with a healthy olive oil & lemon garnish perfect for spring..

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