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Really delicious & really happy

Thursday May 16th, 2013 | categories: Uncategorized

Even though the wind still smells of woodsmoke and has an uncomfortable arctic feel to it, spring is here and blossoming abundantly. Each day, I’ve woken to birds and blue skies and to-do lists that involve summer menu planning, setting seeds, and visits to the woods to hunt and gather.
There are only so many hours in the day, and as those of you who know kismet well, know that I have had my hands full and my schedule over booked with the many tasks if running the restaurant and garden on my own.  Over the last 6 months, however, evolution has brought a certain number of changes that have greatly nourished our kismet, and I’m pretty excited about this new season and new energy kismet is experiencing! For the first time since the floods, I feel like kismet has a better and surer sense of itself, and is really and truly recovering from the disasters of 2011.  We have new faces collaborating in the kitchen, and new leadership in the dining room.  New menus are focusing more than ever on the Mediterranean influences of my own palate, with all of the healing and nourishing qualities we have strived for years to deliver.  Jules, Charles, Genevieve, &Miguel have been incredible, and even after only 2 weeks of working together, I feel that I have a team that inspires & directs each other through the kind of manifestation and excellence we all desire.  It feels easy all of a sudden, and delicious- REALLY DELICIOUS!
Things are taking shape in the dining room as well; Damian recently installed the new mirrors & glass rack, lighting is being put in place, and Art has graciously amended and updated our window & menu graphics!
In the front of the house, my friend & completely competent business buddy, Melissa, has chosen to take on a front of the house & bar overhaul.  I can’t tell you how incredible it is to have her here working with us! It’s like after years of single parenting being given a super nanny!! She’s amazing, has a phenomenal palate, has wine and beer expertise,  AND shares a love and devotion to kismet that is felt through the entire staff.
Each day, we all do our best to stay focused, meet our goals, find & appreciate inspiration, and stay connected to what is important to us.  Doubt creeps in from time to time, there are the unsavory surprises, and there are lists that get longer no matter how hard you try.  But, tonight at staff meeting (pre dinner, as we call it), I had tears in my eyes as we tasted the new menu items & talked about tonight’s service- not the kind of tears that come from total exhaustion and relentless fear- happy tears. REALLY HAPPY tears..

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