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Saturday August 8th, 2009 | categories: breakfast, daysies, Kismet, kismet montpelier, langdon street cafe, north east music festival, positive pie, red hen baking company, salaam, sara grace, the men's store, vermont brunch

The kismet crew returned to Barre Street after a well deserved and appreciated vacation on Friday to the joyful faces of many- we had a busy day that (thankfully) flowed really well (even though i did capture nearly a 1/2 gallon of heavy cream in my shoe). After work (and nearly 100 meals later), we all ran home and got dressed for our next engagement. Sara Grace, with her head newly shaven, aimed for the main stage of the North East Kingdom music Festival to play at sundown, and the rest of us to the Seven Days Daysies Party, where we received our first Daisy!!

Thank you to all who voted for us (we didn’t even realize there was a vote in order, and none of us even voted –or bribed anyone else to!). I have to say that it felt pretty good to see a few of our other local businesses catch some praises too! congrats to Carlos at positive pie, the folks at bear pond, the gals (and men) at salaam, aliza and randy at red hen, and langdon street cafe
Montpelier has changed so much since i came here as a child in the 80’s- and so much so in the last 5 years. I look forward to watching Montpelier grow, and become more widely appreciated, and at the same time, one of the reasons i love doing business here is because it is so casual, friendly, and supportive. I hope that will never change..

thank you again–
and see you soon!

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