It has truly been an honor to serve this community and to share so many milestones and memories with so many of you since 2006.

I came to Montpelier to raise my children here, and created Kismet so that they could eat the best foods and be surrounded by community.
And WOW, they sure did!  But they have both grown and left home, and are exploring their independence.
It seems appropriate that I consider doing some exploring myself.
I’m not 100% sure what is next, but I feel certain that it is time to move on.

There are so many- too many- meaningful memories to sum up this whole experience, but if you would like to take a moment to share your favorite Kismet memories with us, I will proudly share them with my team.

Our last day of service will be Sunday, July 30th.

THURSDAY-SATURDAY Open at 5pm- last seating at 9pm.

Mid-week small plates menu available THURSDAYS ONLY;
featuring fresh oysters,
and wine & cocktail specials!
Call 802 225 6489
to make a reservation
(we don’t take reservations for brunch, unless you require mobility accommodations)