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celebrate today

Friday June 15th, 2012 | categories: Uncategorized
lately i have been so full of awe and inspiration
true gratitude
today i was met with
garden flowers
blue sky
& sunshine
i met the children after school to celebrate
the end of another school year
& the beginning of summer
tomorrow moses will turn 13
and officially kismet
will watch another set of teenagers
grow, blossom, and become
just as we did with alexis years ago.
today is also my grandmother’s birthday
june blake
one of the most gracious and inspiring people i have ever known
& whom i was named after 
When I was 15, I cooked a meal for my grandmother
whole grilled tomatoes with rosemary & lemon
and while we ate she exclaimed
“oh crystal, when you open a restaurant I WANT TO EAT THERE!!”
i laughed at the thought
because i never thought i would open a restaurant!!
30 years later
 invite you to join me in celebrating
 the many days and moments that have lead us all here
eat well 
love deeply
and enjoy yourself!
for grandma:
chilled tomato soup
of pureed grilled tomatoes with rosemary & lemon
for my kiwi:
gluten free fish & chips
fresh maine flounder, house fries
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