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Saturday June 6th, 2009 | categories: alanna dorf, crystal maderia, Kismet, kismet kitchen, kismet montpelier, organic local menu, rhubarb, strawberries, vermont brunch, vermont food, vermont restaurant

since last time:

yes! we did get the permit for the outdoor seating, and are working with a generous lot of folks to create an extension to the current kismet dining room–

yes! we did get our liquor licence– mimosa’s & bloody mary’s and some rum drinks are all we have so far, but hoping that you will help us pick some wines and a couple of beers to add to the menu– any ideas?

but alas, dining has been S L O W this week- so if you were waiting for an open table– NOW is the time, because it seems that ALL of the tables have been open a lot lately!!

wild mushrooms!
thanks to Dave, our neighbor/forager, our fridge is FULL of them! and they are amazing in flavor, aroma, and unique appearance– i feel like a little gnome in her den kitchen toasting, roasting, drying, and sauteing the assortment…

local strawberriesi know, seems CRAZY because it has been so cold– but yes, they are around, and as it so happens this time of year, the rhubarb and strawberry meet like two ships crossing in the night, and if we are lucky, we will be processing fresh rhubarb/strawberry jam within the next week or so– yippee!

and wholly greens!!local (like 2 miles away) spinach!, salad (with flowers–thanks joe!) from screamin‘ ridge

and it is life-
kismet is 2 and 1/2- and like a mother of a toddler, i am readying myself for the inevitable business of caring for a child who can walk on it’s own… For the last 2 and 1/2 years, we have nursed her, held her close, and kept her in the little baby crib, off the beaten path, in a makeshift home (cozy and safe). We have introduced her to the world slowly and cautiously– but now she has her little
ego– her want to thrive– her relationships and friends and connections– and it’s time to ready ourselves for her inevitable maturity–
as many of you know, we have been looking for a new home for kismet– something a little bit more DOWNTOWN, if you know what i mean.
Well, we’ve been looking and two places presented themselves to us. We have been asked many times about the situation and i have to say, it’s a little bit stressful- it’s like considering three places at once–
where we are, one on state, and one on main–
there’s a lot to consider and a bit of risk in each decision–
oh… if only things could be easy!
so– we are asking for that right now.
On a bike ride after a day at the Montpelier middle school, i had this realization that kismet means fate— but that it also means faith— faith that what you do with good intention will pay off later– so my life is this now— kismet is becoming her own and teaching me– that if i believe in fate, i have to have faith and just relax–
do my best, know what i need, and just try– (aim, fire, shoot!)–
so, i don’t have any new news for you, but i will say, that things are looking good, and no matter what– if you want kismet in your life; she wants you and will always be there–
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