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part II: fall collaboration

Saturday September 5th, 2009 | categories: chef collaboration, crystal maderia, Kismet, kismet kitchen, localvore, mathew bilodeau, montpelier, the black door bistro, vermont local food, vermont organic restaurant

well-it is kind of crazy that another season is at it’s peak (it does sort of seem like spring summer and fall just sort of bloom and wither rather quickly…), and soon another season will follow. in these last few days, i have heard so many happy voices proclaiming their love for fall– ah, yes, it is so nastalgic, and romantic, and plentiful… there is woodsmoke in the air (it is september, mind you) and there are still warm afternoons and quick swims while we can get them..
and then there is this:
mathew and i are planning part II of our three part seasonal collaboration menus– and Fall is really around the corner!

if you cant read the above photo- (it is kind of small) it details our next chef collaboration meal, to be held at kismet (all candle lit and cozy), with just mathew and I and our guests.. we have a few reservations already, b ut there are still several open seats- please do consider joining us, and if you miss it this time– dont you worry, WINTER is just around the corner (our winter menu debuts october 19>>about the time of the first snow.) .
to RSVP for either meal, please contact us through this blog, or through, there is a contact us page there, and you can reach us there very efficiently.

would yo like a squizz at the fall menu?

i thought so..
stay posted–
but it may include smoked duck ham, candied crab apple, willow hill cheese, venison, and (amongst other things..) mulled cider and emily’s family-made bourbon whiskey…

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