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Planet over Profit

Monday September 23rd, 2019 | categories: organic cafe, Uncategorized

Last week’s Climate Rally really inspired me. So many young people all over the world rising up to have the difficult conversation.

People who care about each other have difficult conversations sometimes. Especially when it means caring for ourselves and each other. In hospitality however- we prioritize the comfort of our guests and work to make a space that is nourishing & welcoming to all, avoiding politics or controversy. This has always been a bit of a double bind for me because my vision for Kismet was born from my activist brain- our mission is COMPLEX and stems from the belief that when we are guided by our morels, acting out of the interest of caring for each other and our earth, we are nourished in ways that can not compare with the products of main stream capitalism. This means supporting organic biodiverse agriculture, focusing on the local economy, and striving to truly nourish our guests with carefully crafted nutritious meals at an approachable price. I am truly honored to be part of a community that shares these values. And hope that our guests feel that they are truly participating in a sort of revolution when they eat with us.

Profit is an important part of a sustainable business, however, small businesses – especially those dedicated to biodiversity and organic agriculture, struggle to profit, let alone offer the financial and health care benefits of corporate companies. Employees who work for small businesses often sacrifice those financial and health care benefits, and often get penalized for it.  Studies show that people prefer a landscape of independently owned small businesses, especially in Montpelier- the only capital in the nation to boast not having a Macdonalds.  But how can our community better support small businesses, as well as the employees of small businesses, and educate business owners on opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices that protect our earth and our communities?
So happy to see the youth rallying for climate change reform, and who are demanding big structural change. We encourage them to ask the difficult questions, to have the hard conversations, and to demand the restructuring that is so necessary.

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