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Crystal Maderia, owner of Kismet

As a child, I was eternally fascinated by food.

I have clear memories of watching bread rise, simmering stock on our wood stove, and walking through the garden at twilight to inspect ears of corn. I began cooking as soon as I was strong enough to pull a chair to the counter; & I’m nearly certain I learned to read for the sole purpose of following a recipe. I skipped school to shell black eyed peas & make biscuits in Mississippi, traveled around the globe to cultivate lavender & citrus, and perched myself on cliffs to collect and cook sea vegetables.

Lucky for me, my mother was a talented & inspired chef with Portuguese blood & an appetite for wine, fresh food & a good story. I was lucky too that my father gave me a love for the natural world, taught me how to plant and save seeds, how to sing to flowers, and appreciate a good rich & steaming hot compost pile. My parents were bohemians, they took risks and moved often, but we always ate well.

After many years traveling and studying around the world, I opened Kismet in 2006.

Through the seasons, I meet with my team and plan the weekly menus. We create prep lists that are hewn from produce and products at their peak, from the best of the season’s colors and aromas. The menus we plan are for our own children and community; truly inspired by our travels, our stories, our love for each other, and the celebration of good health.

Over the many years, we have survived floods, fires, and we are now rebuilding from our nearly fatal closure due to Covid 19.  In August 2022, we returned to our original location and reopened our tiny dining room.
thank you to my friends and family for not giving up!!

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