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Tuesday January 5th, 2021 | categories: Uncategorized

As I look in the review mirror at 2020, amongst the grief, loss, anxiety, and bewilderment scattered through the last year, are pockets of encouragement and delicate joy – gifted by a community that I truly do believe cares about me- about Kismet- and about EACH OTHER.   

Thank you for helping keep us employed, we are a much smaller staff since the pandemic, but we are hopeful that we could grow, and are thankful for the opportunity to cook for you.

Thank you for learning how to order on-line, and for participating in this ongoing take-out experiment.  You have been very adventurous, and I’m so thankful for your feedback and fun pictures of your plates! 

Thank you for supporting and celebrating small businesses, for being patient and flexible, and for continuing to find ways to make our small town a better place. 

Thank you for not giving up, for reaching out when you need help, and for reminding me that we are still connected, though I haven’t seen you in months. 

Thank you for your messages of encouragement, for your gifts, for sharing my posts and for finding really cool ways to give the gift of Kismet to others. You have no idea how many times I’ve been brought to tears – that WE have been bought to tears – by your kindness and generosity. SERIOUSLY- kindness- in ANY form- feels SO GOOD.

Thank you for returning your take-out containers!! We feel really good about not sending more crap to the landfill.  

Crystal + tiny team Kismet

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Love Kismet